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Online Talks, Podcasts & Events
Science communication, Wellness Marketing, Health Advocacy

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Science Made Accessible

Bring Lara to your next online event, podcast, or in-person gathering. Excess the latest in health and wellness marketing, learn to pitch science to investors, and discover the impact of taking ownership of your own health. Lara’s mission: make science accessible and actionable for all. 

Scientist to Science Storyteller

From the lab to life, my focus is sharing insights on wellness, science, and health journeys with you.

About my talks

What I talk about

  • Health and Wellness Marketing: Crafting stories that connect.
  • Pitching Science to Investors: Turning data into compelling narratives.
  • My Healing Journey: Taking ownership of your own health.

International talks

Yes, I’m on board for worldwide talks as I frequently travel across the world. Feel free to invite me to a distant location.

Speaking fees

Yes. I charge a speaking fee for all my event engagements. Let’s talk about making your event unforgettable.

If your event doesn’t include a speaking fee but covers travel and accommodation, feel free to reach out about your event too. 

Private events

Workshops, company events, you name it. If you need the latest insights on health & wellness marketing, pitching science or health advocacy, I’m your speaker.

Virtual or In-person

Totally flexible. Tailoring talks to fit your audience’s needs, whether they’re industry experts or the general public, is what I do best.

Ready to talk science with Lara?