KU Leuven University

Elevating Science Communication Skills for PhD students at KU Leuven University

The Project

We are collaborating with KU University to address a common issue PhD students face– effectively communicating their scientific research to a lay audience. 

Our objective is to teach them how to distil their thesis into a single, understandable page that even their friends and family can understand.

The Outcome

Our webinar has initially launched at my former university, KU Leuven, and we’re receiving positive feedback for its hands-on approach to science communication.

Plans are to expand our reach and to offer this program to other universities as well.

Recognizing the challenges of converting scientific terminology into common language, I've teamed up with a visual science communication expert.
Together, we've created a webinar specifically designed to provide PhD students with the tools they need to create a relatable one-pager for their thesis.

Identifying the Research Core

Students learn how to home in on the main message or idea that sits at the core of their research. The aim here is to enable them to focus on what they want their audience to remember, while keeping the message brief and impactful.

Tuning the Tone

We introduce the idea of an ‘avatar,’ a fictional yet realistic representation of their ideal reader. This helps students shape their message so it resonates with this avatar, making sure the content remains both clear and scientifically accurate.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

The webinar guides students on what not to do, such as choosing clickbait headlines or oversimplifying the data. Instead, we stress the importance of delivering a balanced view that includes any limitations of the research.