Jessie Inchauspé

A Strategic Partnership: The Journey of Glucose Goddess from 600K to 2.6M Followers

Before working together:

Jessie was already a powerhouse on Instagram with a following of 600,000 people. As a prominent figure in the scientific community, she was on a mission to bring science-backed tips to improve people’s lives. 

However, Jessie knew she had the potential to make an even greater impact and wanted to focus on expanding her brand and writing her second book. She was specifically interested in keeping up with the latest findings in glucose science and needed a team to help her stay ahead.

After working together:

Today, Jessie has an amazing 2.6 million followers on Instagram. Not only has she expanded her reach, but she also has the time and resources to work on other exciting projects like brand expansion and her upcoming second book.

Here is how we’re supporting Jessie throughout her impressive journey

Keeping Up with Science

We managed all the research work for Jessie, staying current with the latest glucose science, so she could step back from that responsibility.

Innovative Content Creation

Tailored posts and stories that aligned with her brand and message.

Study Support & Whitepaper

Crafted a whitepaper detailing a 4-week study analysis of 2,700 participants for her second book.

Strategic Science Integration

Introduced “Science Tuesdays” for an innovative twist to her content.

Audience Alignment

 Conducted research to find what resonated with Jessie’s audience and ensured our content hit those notes.

Freeing Up Time

Allowed Jessie to focus on other aspects of her brand, with the assurance that we were taking care of the scientific content.

Through our tailored blend of scientific literacy, creativity, and strategic insight, we have been able to empower Jessie to amplify her impact, enriching millions of lives along the way.


  • Data analysis of white paper
  • Writing & set-up
  • Visuals (figures and tables)
  • Accurate referencing
  • White paper research

Book Content

  • Innovative concepts –
  • New science added 
  • Accurate referencing

Science Tuesdays

  • Followed-up latest science on glucose
  • Brought innovative ways to engage audience: Science Tuesdays 
  • Now one of the favorite features of her page
  • Tone of voice targeted to her audience

Working with Lara is a delight. It's rare to find someone who is scientifically literate, but also creative and with a keen eye for design. She helps the GlucoseGoddess community access content that enriches their lives.

Jessie InchauspéGlucose Goddess

Social Media Content

A selection of our Social Media Content for the Glucose Goddess account. We have done the research, the writing and the design.