Dr. Marcus Ranney

Enhancing Mito: Human Edge’s Personalized Biohacking App

Situation Before

Human Edge launched Mito, a promising biohacking app that can sync with various wearable devices like Oura rings, smartwatches, and CGMs. The app is built around five key areas of wellness: Sleep, Fuel, Movement, Emotions, and Environment. 

The primary challenge was to deliver genuinely personalized health hacks based on real-time data. They needed expert support to ensure the app’s content was backed by solid science. Our aim was to provide tailored, science-supported biohacks that are easy to follow, and user-friendly.

Situation After

Marcus, the founder, was thrilled with our contribution–

We introduced innovative biohacks that caught attention, improving the app’s overall effectiveness.

After creating in-app 30-day challenges, users will receive a daily set of 3-5 science-backed biohacks. Designed to complement each other, these biohacks will make it easier for users to see improvements in their well-being.

Marcus was happy with the engaging biohacks we developed– all designed to boost user interaction with the app.

Our Support

We realized we could do more than just offer individual health hacks. Instead, we could give users a series of connected biohacks designed to improve their overall well-being.
So, we proposed an innovative concept:

Science-Backed Hacks

Offered tailored health hacks grounded in scientific research across five pillars of well-being, Sleep, Fuel, Movement, Emotions, and Environment.

Strategic Innovation

Created 30-day in-app challenges that offer users a connected series of biohacks, increasing both effectiveness and user engagement.

Stacking for Impact

Gave users daily combinations of 3-5 biohacks that are more effective when used together.

User-Centric Approach

Collaborated with Human Edge to deeply understand what their users need and offer them personalized biohacks. Every biohack we suggested was backed by carefully selected research.

Biohacking app, called Mito, linking all wearable devices - Oura ring, smart watches, CGMs, Etc. Giving personalized hacks to optimize your unique biology.

In-App Content

  • Sleep (Deep sleep, REM, total sleep duration)
  • Fuel (Glucose monitoring)
  • Movement (Daily active minutes, calorie burn)
  • Emotions (HRV, RHR)
  • Environment (HRV, RHR)

"I would like to express my appreciation to Lara Hemeryck and her team at Scicomwiz for their work with Human Edge. Their research and dedication have resulted in a wide range of innovative lifestyle nudges covering various topics. We like to call these BioHacks! We are excited to incorporate these impactful biohacks into our product suite, knowing they will greatly benefit our clients."

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