Dr. Linnea Passaler

Turning Solo Research into a Collaborative Success: Supporting Linnea’s Book Journey

Before working together:

When I first met Linnea in Bali, she was in the early stages of an exciting but daunting endeavor—writing a book. With a background in dental surgery, similar to my PhD field, we found common ground not just professionally but also personally. We both faced health challenges like IBS and rosacea and shared a passion for understanding our nervous systems. 

Linnea needed help with comprehensive research to ensure her book was both scientifically accurate and relatable for her audience.

After working together:

After 8 months of hard work, Linnea finished her book, filling it with current and understandable science that readers can use in their daily lives. 

What started as a difficult task she faced alone turned into a smooth, team effort guided by in-depth research and shared goals.

Every week for 8 months, I dedicated an entire day to deep research. My team and I

Literature Reviews

Conducted literature reviews tailored to Linnea’s specific scientific inquiries.

Complex Studies

Summarized and simplified complex studies that Linnea wanted to include.

Latest Science

Reviewed multiple books and podcasts from experts in the field to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the latest science.

Modern Scientific Discoveries

Recommended cutting-edge scientific findings for inclusion in the book.

Accurate referencing

Ensured proper citations and accurate referencing throughout the manuscript.

Linnea's book is set to be a game-changer in empowering readers to do just that. I'm honored to have contributed to a project that will undoubtedly impact the lives of many.

Book Content

  • Innovative concepts –
  • New science added 
  • Accurate referencing

"Digging deep into research for my book felt like a solo uphill climb until I got Lara and her team on board. They made sense of the data and took the hassle out of citations. Lara, though, was the game-changer. Her genuine enthusiasm and readiness to tackle any issue gave me a boost, especially on challenging days. If you're diving into book research, you'd really want them by your side."

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