Get Vital

From Concept to Credibility: How We Helped Get Vital Find Its Scientific Voice

Before working together:

When I first connected with Bart from Get Vital, he had a clear vision: introducing a standout dietary supplement to Belgium  and the Netherlands. Yet, he could use some support to showcase its scientific foundation to their main audience.

Bart’s passion met our expertise, and together we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

After working together:

Get Vital developed a solid, scientifically backed communication strategy, resonating with both science experts and the general public in their target regions.

Here's how we teamed up to support Get Vital–

White Paper

Created a detailed marketing paper on the supplement’s science, aimed at the specific audience.

Guideline Compliance

Made sure the white paper’s language and claims followed EFSA rules, matching European marketing standards for supplements.

Formulation Support

Used our team’s nutrition background knowledge to improve and validate the supplement’s scientific basis.

Blog Posts

Wrote 11 blogs, each on one of the 11 key micronutrients within the GV-11 capsule.

Audience Focus

Tailored blog content to address the health needs of people in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Depth vs. Clarity

The white paper delved deep, while blogs presented the science in an easily digestible manner for everyday readers.

From Concept to Credibility: How We Helped Get Vital Find Its Scientific Voice


  • White paper research + writing
  • Data visualization
  • Expert consultants for formulation supplement

Blog Writing

  • Topic research
  • Blog writing

“I'm a generalistic founder of a dietary supplement start-up based in Belgium.
Struggling with proper scientific validation of my product, I reached out to Lara from Scicomwiz.

Lara and her team did a tremendous job in understanding my business context and providing me with the necessary content, research and knowhow.
Based on the speed, agility and knowledge depth of the team members, I would recommend them in any phase of your business.”

Bart MeylemansGet Vital